365 Days, 50 States, 1 Goal
Spread Kindness

Really, it’s that simple. The heart-and-soul behind everything we do is to spread kindness.

Over the next 365 days, Teague Egan, Pasha King, and the #Kindness365 crew will be traveling the entire USA to spread kindness, and go where people need us the most! The primary mission of #Kindness365 is to create unity amongst Americans by conducting random acts of kindness such as hugging strangers and helping humans with hardships. The idea is to pay it forward, without expecting anything in return except to see the joy on people’s faces.

We want to encourage everyone in the world to be kind. Kindness is an attitude. Whether a big act or small act of kindness, everything you do makes a difference in peoples lives. It creates a ripple effect, and kindness will soon become America’s narrative once again. Let's be kind together. We deserve to look out for one another. We deserve to love each other.


Kindness is creating smiles
~ Pasha King

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Kindness saved me. Kindness changed me. Kindness is me. Before, in my early 20’s, I felt like I was just meandering through life. I started a successful company that I sold, but it wasn’t rewarding in the capacity of helping others. I was without purpose, without reason, without an anchor. My next company needed to focus heavily on giving back and philanthropy, and that’s when I met Teague and started Chatter, a seamless platform that connects influencers with their fan bases and requires them to donate to charity or causes for each interaction. Today, my “soul-purpose” in life is to connect to souls – both with my own and others. How to do that? Quite simple. Be kind to yourself, be kind to others.

Kindness is giving hugs
~ Teague Egan

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Kindnes is everything. Being a kind person is achieving the pinnacle of human compassion. Kindness evokes happiness. Kindness induces laughter, Kindness creates generosity, and joy, and all emotions that are good. In 2010 I met a kid in a wheelchair named Tom Smith who had gone through two paralyzing accidents while playing hockey. No one can understand what that is like. He has become one of my best friends. Together Tom and I created The Reality Ride Challenge in 2015, and cycled 2109 miles from Boston to Miami. We raised over $100,000 to help find a cure for paralysis. This was my inspiration to start The Kindness Project. We are going to help a lot of people and spread kindness beyond our wildest imaginations.

The Kindness Team

Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness are the core of what we are about. We want to help those that need help, encourage people to help other people, and #PayItForward hopefully inspiring others to spread kindness.